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"Mary Brake's graphic recording work has brought deeper meaning and enjoyment to our work as an organisation."

California School Leadership Academy

On Site Graphic Recording

Graphic Recorders visually depict the thought process of a meeting by displaying presentations and dialogue in real time. Working on large chart paper, the Recorder quickly and accurately captures the key messages, ideas and decisions with appropriate text, images and layout. The result is a focused group that “sees” the picture of the meeting as it develops.

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Graphic Recording Videos

Working with our 3D animation and film division, we create short films matching narration to the drawing process.
Accelerating the drawing of graphics to match to pace of a voice is known to many as video scribing. It is a powerful new medium to express complex subjects quickly and clearly.

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Facilitation and Workshop Planning

We bring significant workshop process experience to assist with programme design and planning. Our particular focus is on building common understanding and learning by creating opportunities for participation and conversation and capturing thinking and ideas using graphic formats. We facilitate strategic planning sessions, project planning workshops, consumer and stakeholder consultation and team development days.

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Big Picture Graphics and Illustrations

We create posters and advanced graphics for organisations to effectively communicate their vision, values, strategic plans, key initiatives, business models or work flow processes. We help bring simplicity to complex information and help people to see and understand the context of their work.

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Documentary Film Division

Our animation and film division 4D Canvas, specializes in working with heritage and conservation organizations such as the New Zealand Department of Conservation and the California State Parks.
We have developed efficient systems for converting historical data into realistic 3D animations and have extensive experience creating short interpretive films on subjects such as the history, ecology and geology of NZ islands and parks. We write, direct film and edit these film projects to the high standards of our clients.

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Advanced Graphics Capability

With extensive experience in advanced technologies, we offer high end graphics, animation and video capability. From enhancing hand drawings to creating complex 3D simulations, Reflection Graphics combines technical and artistic skills for stunning visual presentations. We can create clear information graphics, vibrant video scribing, produce 3D animations and entire films.
From organization communication to design visualization in architecture, engineering, and yachting, we provide high production value to communicate your information through web, video and print media.

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We offer public and tailored in-house training programmes, such as:

· Graphic Facilitation
· Flip Chart Graphics for Trainers and Facilitators
· Graphic Note Taking

3D Design and Printing - We recycle plastic into products using 3D printers

We design, visualise and 3D print sustainable objects ranging from the artistic to the technical. We import engineering grade, recycled filament for sale to NZ 3D printing professionals.

See our website reforge.nz

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