"Mary Brake's graphic recording work has brought deeper meaning and enjoyment to our work as an organisation."

California School Leadership Academy

On Site Graphic Recording

Graphic Recorders visually depict the thought process of a meeting by displaying presentations and dialogue in real time. Working on large chart paper, the Recorder quickly and accurately captures the key messages, ideas and decisions with appropriate text, images and layout. The result is a focused group that “sees” the picture of the meeting as it develops.


· It is a transparent process that captures the important intent and the critical content of the session.

· Charts are typically displayed throughout the workshop and can be used as a tool for participant reflection and discussion. People get a full sense of all that has been covered.

· As they are easy to read, understand and remember, the charts are often displayed back in the workplace.

· Digital images of charts can be formatted for internal communication that builds common organizational messaging and employee engagement.

See examples in our Graphic Recording portfolio

Graphic Recording Videos

Working with our 3D animation and film division, we create short films matching narration to the drawing process.

Accelerating the drawing of graphics to match to pace of a voice is known to many as video scribing. It is a powerful new medium to express complex subjects quickly and clearly.

See examples in our Graphic Recording portfolio
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