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"At the Department of Conservation, I worked with Chris Keenan for over ten years. His firm created films commissioned by DOC that included both historical interpretative pieces and films explaining and promoting DOC ecosystem management. I was repeatedly impressed with Chrisís ability to bring together all the components of the films including animation, film footage, sound, still images and script. He is a team player who combines creative intellect with great technical ability and always delivered a product which exceeded expectations. "

David Veart, Author, Historian and Archaeologist

Hapuawhenua Construction Details

Using the actual construction plans, the viaduct was accurately constructed in 3D to its original rail configuration circa 1908. The completion of this viaduct created the first rail link between Wellington and Auckland and opened up the central North Island to development.

1908 Haupawhenua Viaduct

Images from the animated film about the creation of New Zealand's largest curved rail viaduct in 1908. Created for the New Zealand Department of Conservation for viewing at the National Park.

Rangitoto Island Wharf

Animated 3D Visualization of the new Rangitoto Island Wharf created for the New Zealand Department of Conservation.

Motutapu guns

Still image of the Motutapu Gun Battery as configured in March 1942. Part of an animated 3D film created for the Motutapu Restoration Trust.

Armstrong MK21 Gun Details

Precise 3D details of Motutapu Island's six inch Armstrong guns. These long range guns feature in several animated films created for the New Zealand Department of Conservation.

DoC video – "Armed. Ready. And Waiting ..."

A 10 minute Department Of Conservation video including animation, archival images and footage, describing how the Auckland defence system was built in the lead up to, and during, World War II. 4D Canvas is a division of Reflection Graphics.

"K-38" A 3D Yacht Design

Reflection Graphics designed this new yacht, "The K-38" entirely in 3D software. The actual construction process was managed by using 2D templates sliced from 3D forms.

Complex Design Challenges

The anchoring configuration for this yacht was designed in 3D and fabricated into full scale moulds that were cast into bronze.

3D Design and Computer Fabrication

Designed in 3D by Reflection Graphics, this lounge chair's computer generated shapes were emailed to a large format laser cutter and cut in marine plywood. It was assembled in 45 minutes and later epoxied together.

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